PRICE is firm. Not many to find and good mileage for the year. This is a genuine 4x4 for on and off road fun, it's a cool little 2002 Suzuki VITARA JLX 4x4 Convertible, soft top. Clean truck and equipped with the 4 cylinder, 2.0l. Being here, y'all know these trucks have built a following all their own and you can envision with so many aftermarket options available to modify the good specimen and make it a little beast if you so desired or just keep it as is but the modifying choices are many.

**This website isn't taking my vehicle pictures for upload - I can email you pics, IF seriously interested in possibly buying the truck....

My email to ask for more info is: [email protected]

Equipped with auto trans, ps, pb, A/C, power windows/door locks, tilt wheel. Has a 2.0l motor. Recent adds: suspension- set of tires, new shocks/struts, moog end links, full wheel alignment done after struts installed, starter, a catalytic and full exhaust, rear brake lines, fuel filter, battery. Exterior has good paint and interior is clean. I'd recommend replacing soft top, has a broken zipper and foggy rear plastic, being cheap enough to buy new at $175 and up online and easy install. These trucks are cool and not common, even more cool in warmer months and for off road - if you choose. The 4x4 works fine as and when it should and I chose to buy 4 new and bigger than factory tires (235/70/17's) did really improve the ride of this truck from the smaller stock tires mine came with at purchase. Of course you know these trucks can be modified, if and for any way you'd want it.

My investment of total $ parts and labor here, is a part of the sale price of course, so my number is more than fair for these trucks. I've seen at random these and a few Trackers, IN a 4x4 - IN a soft top. Tracker is basically same exact truck as this one. Saw some going for upwards of 8500 and for beat on pieces of crap. Trust that mine is not one of those types. **

The truck is an '02 being now 20 yrs old and it is in good condition for its year and current mileage. This Vitara runs, drives and shifts great. It's a smooth and straight drive down the roads, which is how I wanted it. When I bought it, (car dealer off Ebay) I wasn't told it needed a few things I found to be needed, so more money I paid out in labor/parts but that's what it needed to get me there. I cant upload pics here for some reason ?? so do send me email if my ad sparks interest where you'd want to see and maybe buy my 4x4. My photos I try to show what I can in details w/pics and description, any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm glad to provide more details. Price is in the ad and all integral details too. Thanks for reading. Photos can be emailed to you with serious inquiry. This website isn't allowing me to get pics posted with proper pixels.

Best way to reach me for a quicker reply about the Vitara is EMAIL with interest/questions at: [email protected]