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Firstly i'd like to thank all the members here that have been helping me with my sammy. Because i spend hours of searching on the internet and found next to nothing about this error i thought i'd write up how i did it :).

This will be relevant to you if you have just had an engine warning light on and recieved the error code 24 - Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS).

This post will only look on how to change/install the reed switch at the back of your speedometer.

If you are unsure how to read error messages go to Bills post here: Samurai – Check Engine Light and Diagnostic Codes | iZook - Suzuki 4x4 Tech Information, Accessories, Travel & Adventure

When you have identified that you have error 24 you need to take out the Speedo cluster. To do this
Remove Horn (Pulls straight off)
Take off steering wheel (Mark what position it is in with a pen or tip-ex)
Undo the two bolts that are holding the steering rod to the frame, should be 2 torx bolts
Undo the 4 screws that hold the speedo in, 2 on the top 2 on bottom
Pull the cluster out a little so its free ( Be careful of the Hazard Light Button )
Hold the steering column down enough so there is clearance for the cluster to be taken out
Undo the connections and the speedo cable.

Next you will have your cluster with you;
Unscrew the 8 screws holding the plastic on the cluster
Unscrew the 4 screws holding the other plastic ( no idea what its called )

Now you should be looking at something like this;

Before you take the needle off make a note/picture where it is!
Next take the speedo needle off (best trick is to use two spoons to get under it and use the leverage)
Unscrew the screws on the speedo face and take it and the plastic underneath off.

Turn it over and take the two/four screws out;

Take the speedo unit out and you should get;

Try not to move the small lever (or anything else) to the left of the speedo as it adjusts the speed of the speedo.

To take out the reed switch it is pretty simple, remove the two screws that can be seen above.

Also remove the LEFT hand screw that can be seen below. Yes they are tight so be careful!;

The bottom part should pull out.

Use a flat headed screwdriver to prize the bottom left of the metal frame away from the speedo, below;

It should then pull away easily and you will be left with this;

Thats it now just reassemble in the same manor and your good to go!

A tip when putting the needle back on is to put it on lightly and turn it to the correct position and then push down. But only do this if the speedo has an internal stopper. The alternative is to point the speedo at the 0mph then put it on, usually takes a few times so keep the spoons handy!

I had this problem when i swapped my kmh speedo with a mph from another cluster. Got the error and realised it had no reed switch, no problems since touch wood.

Hope this helps, Chris.
Suzuki Sierra Jimny (Samurai) 1.3i 1994

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Thanks Chris. This is one of those articles that will be stored away and referenced any time this problem comes up. I appreciate your putting this together for us.

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To check if the VSS sensor works you can put the multimeter set to continuity across the silver screws in the second picture and turn the speedo with a screwdriver (where the cable goes) and it should beep at a certain point. If it doesnt its probly broken.
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