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Complete Suzuki Samurai Drivetrain and Suspension for sale. Drivetrain is 1986 Samurai and engine is 1996 Sidekick.

-1.6 L 16 valve, had 65,000 miles when taken out of sidekick, probably less than 80,000 miles now. Engine runs good but does not pass emissions, it throws a P0300 random misfire code, has good compression on all cylinders. I suspect fuel injectors, but do not want to spend any more money on it.

-Axles have lockers, birdfield rings, 5.38 gears, and set up with SPOA lift.
-Calmini - crossover steering
-Calmini 1.6L swap kit.
-Sidekick power steering pump
-Sidekick steering box
-2" lift Rancho leaf springs
-stock length shocks
-Transmission has had seals and bearings replaced.
-Transfer case has never been opened, with stock gears
-15x10 wheels with 31x12.50 supper swamper tires (tires are warn and cracked)
-Driveshafts with spacers
-Complete engine wiring harness and ECM included for 1.6L
-Fuel tank included with new 1.6L fuel pump
-Centerforce dual friction clutch

-This is a bargain when compared to $3000 just for the 1.6L engine and kit from other sources.

-Engine and drivetrain is currently still installed so you can hear it run and drive it. Planning an FJ80 axle and diesel swap so items listed above are no longer needed.
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