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Hello all,
I have been reading a few posts about doing a spring switch. My Sami's springs have seen better days, and I am thinking about getting things a bit better. The fronts are actually starting to bend the wrong way. I read that it is possible to put the rears on the front, and then put jeep cj springs on the rear? I was wondering if there is any modifications I would have to do to make this work? I have access to quite a few older jeep parts, and am wondering what year jeeps would work? What all is involved in the switch? I would like to do this as funds are short and I could get the Jeep springs for next to nothing. Will this improve road ride or any off road capabilities? Thanks for any help! Steve

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Ok, two things happening here.

1 - swapping to longer springs - the rear springs are longer than the front, so to install them there you have to do something that will make them fit. You can either use a RUF (Rears Up Front) kit that will relocate the rear spring hanger to a point farther back. Or you can buy some drop-shackles that will extend the front hanger out a couple of inches. If you don't want to deal with drop-shackles, go with the adapter kit...
For the rear, it is just easier to go with the drop shackles to fit the longer CJ front springs.

2 - When you move the spring mounting points, you also shift the axle forward or back (depending on the method you use above). Be prepared to redrill the spring pack locating pin holes in the perch and mounting plate to move the axle back into the proper geometry.

Suzuki fronts AND rears=2"wide
CJ fronts=2"wide
CJ rears=2.5"wide
Without additional brackets you won't be able to fit CJ rears, so don't bother picking them up...

*Note #2*
When using rears up front, you will want to remove the overload spring (bottom one that looks upside down) and take the second longest spring from the front packs and add it to the rear packs. Use a new locating pin or replace with an allen head cap screw that will fit into the locating pin hole. The original is 20 years old and probably rusted...

Will this improve road ride or any off road capabilities?
Yup. Longer springs = smoother ride
better springs = a little more ride height which = clearance
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