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Suzuki People,

Yesterday, I bought a 1993 Suzuki Samurai. The Zuki came with a lovely spring over and a 1.6 escudo engine mated to the 5 fwd gearbox and transfer case. Boy oh Boy - talk about lovely power. Needless to say, for a vehicle that's over 15 years old - there are some issues that i need to sort out.

1. The engine has an oil leak that appears to be coming from the rear back seal. The thing is i don't know what "type" of Suzuki engine this is or what its called. Can you help me identify this engine so i can go ask for the proper seal. Pictures are attached below.

2. My radiator has to change big time for two reasons. 1. When the guys did the escudo install, its a bit off so the fan doesn't exactly line up in the middle of the radiator. 2. The radiator is patchy, leaking and in general disrepair. So i need to get a new radiator and also get someone to shift the radiator brackets more so that the fan hits the middle. Can you guys assist by pointing me to a website that sells these things reasonable.

3. I am looking for a wiring diagram for this conversion which was done.

My aim with this vehicle is to bring it back to pristine condition, make it a good off-road challenger and be at least grade 4 trail ready. I will be going with lockers etc later down in 2013. Just need to get it up to my standards first.

Thanks for reading. Any help appreciated as i am new here.


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It's a G16 engine - which G16 can probably be determined by checking the engine number - it will say G16x-nnnnnnn - where x is a letter (usually A or B) and n are numbers (the actual engine serial number).

Now - I have good news & bad news for you - first, the bad news - unless you can determine exactly what vehicle that engine was removed from, and exactly what was done in the conversion, the quest for acquiring information (like a wiring diagram) and certain parts is going to be VERY challenging.

The majority of Escudos are used JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) exports, the documentation (where available) will be in Japanese, certain parts, especially in the fuel injection and emissions control will be unique to the JDM market (that is assuming the ECU, etc., from the Escudo was used in the conversion), other parts will be common, but, the only way to find out what fits, will be to buy it & try it.

The good news? Things like the "rear back seal" whatever that is, are probably interchangeable.

With regard the radiator - I think your best option is to find a local radiator specialist and have them fabricate something for you - the option that you have in mind will require you to identify what's fitted (is it Samurai? is it Escudo? is it something else altogether?), because there's nothing that says it even has to be Suzuki part - I've seen Civic radiators used on those conversions.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, I see no point in "sugar-coating" things - maintaining a JDM vehicle has it's challenges, maintaining someone else's "frankenstien" creation has it's challenges, add the two together, and.. well.. expect challenges.

One last thing - be patient - there's less than half a day between your first post and your second, most of the folks here have jobs, some are retired and hang out here all day, but no-one's sitting here just waiting around.
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