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To help boost sales Suzuki is offering a simple incentive plan - free gas for the summer, when you buy an SX4 sedan or hatchback. Here's how it works: when you buy an SX4 sedan or hatch your local Suzuki dealer will throw in a gas card. The card is valued at $270 for the sedan and $290 for the hatchback, which is what Suzuki estimates SX4 owners will spend on gas over the course of three months.

Suzuki is hoping this added bonus will be enough to attract owners, although when stacked up against the price of a car, the 270-bucks doesn't sound all that enticing. And Suzuki is a company that should be working hard to attract customers as it has been one of the hardest-hit automakers during the current recession.

Sales for June were down 78 percent over the same month in 2008, and while some of the drop can be attributed to the elimination of three models from the company's lineup (XL-7, Forenza and Reno), both the Grand Vitara and SX4 have struggled with sales down last month 69.1 and 53.2 percent.

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