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Suzuki Mid-Size Concept Car to be Unveiled at Frankfurt; For Sale in 2010

The Verona was Suzuki's first stab at the mid-size segment in the USA, a GM Daewoo car that saw nowhere near the positive reaction that the (also GM Daewoo-sourced) Forenza and Reno have garnered. Equipped with an underpowered engine and mediocre performance, the Verona's high value to the dollar formula just did not catch on very well, despite what I thought was rather attractive, if conservative, styling.

As has been written here before, Suzuki will not use the Daewoo Tosca, the next generation of the car that spawned the Verona, but will instead engineer its own midsizer.

The concept car for this new mid-size sedan, to be unveiled next month in Germany, will be named "Kizashi". If my Japanese is correct (see the Kanji above that I'm guessing the name is based on), then the meaning could be loosely translated as: "A sign of things to come".

Is the Kizashi a sign of where Suzuki wants to go, joining companies like Nissan in providing a fuller lineup of cars? Only time will tell, and I personally can't wait to see what the production model will look like.

From Motor Authority:

Suzuki will unveil a new middle level sedan concept car at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, previewing a production model that’s set to hit showrooms in 2010. Labeled the Kizashi, the new concept will be a design oriented sedan aimed at global markets.

The new concept car is Suzuki’s first attempt at developing a car that be sold in the middle class segment. Currently, Suzuki’s lineup concepts of small budget models and compact SUVs but the brand could start to offer more upmarket models if the new sedan proves popular.

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