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Suzuki F6A starter alternate part numbers and sources for discontinued 31100-70B21

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I purchased a 95 Cervo Mode SR Turbo and live in the usa. The starter failed shortly after buying it off the dealer. I know everything comes from overseas on this thing, but the starter is extremely difficult to source. Part number 31100-70B21 is discontinued. It fits the Alto, Cervo, and the Carry others etc. I found rebuilt ones on Yahoo Japan, but they don't ship out of the country. SO I did some research to find other motors in the same family that would work. Here is two options I found

UK source: Daewoo Tico uses the same motor, but it's .8l the starter is also 1kw instead of .6kw. Otherwise absolutely identical. Still in production aftermarket, and easy to find. Was able to get one for under 200 shipped to usa. 1999 Daewoo Tico, part number S6016:

USA source, I also found the Chevy Bolt motor is loosely based on the F engine, very loosely. So far I've found the oil filter is similar, and the starter is very close. It has a tab on the mount ring that hits the block. Can get out a die grinder and remove the extra tab and it will go in. Secondly the upper hole is not threaded, can insert helicoil in it. The starter small wire uses a plug, which is available readily as a pigtail online and easy to find. So in a pinch it can be made to work. Same teeth, 1kw again, right engagement depth, super close. Plus can go to local auto store and get one right at the counter. 2014 chevy bolt 1.2l, acdelco number 25193776

Since I went through hell doing all this research wanted to share and make it public. Will share more as I go, I have been doing lots of research into parts sources. I have legit 3 decades in auto parts, and will be happy to share JDM things on here since there is not a whole lot out there.
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