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Australia has strick recalls . . If you see your car, its mostlikely from the same factory and therefore you could express to your dealer ifs it not a recall in your country (as a know issues) Please note Australia has VERY VERY strike recalls, we normally get them first (except VW, They just copped the fine)


2009-Onwards ALTO

Defect: It has been identified that the heater blower motor may jam, causing the resistor fuse to possibly over-heat and cut out.

Defect: Due to a misarranged wiring harness the stop lamp circuit and shift solenoid circuit may have their couplers interchanged when connected to the stop lamp switch. This may result in the stop lamp circuit receiving a lower than specified voltage and the shift solenoid circuit receiving a higher than specified voltage. This higher voltage fed through the shift solenoid circuit contacts within the stop lamp switch may cause the switch casing to melt, rendering the stop lamp inoperable.

Defect: Due to an inconsistent tolerance applied during production dimensional variation in the fuel pump seating area of the fuel tank may result in fuel leakage during refuelling when the maximum volume of fuel is induced into the fuel tank.

I will also note I had the heater recall done, 12 hrs later after recall, it caught fire, Police and Trading and Suzuki Investigation deemed it was replaced by old faulty part, Suzuki spent $11,000AUD repairing

Many friend in UK and USA printed the Australia recalls and got them replaced free.

I hope I can help, This is my first post, I plan to start mods each week and post.

Thanks Guys and Gals
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