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Hey guys,
I recently bought a 1987 samurai.
It runs great most of the time but after driving for long distances (usually over an hour and a half) It has an issue where it loses power and about 10 mph in speed. In lower gears the vehicle has lurching/surging and idles rough. The plugs and plug wires have recently been replace. I also replace the fuel filter and pump. I have checked both the tank and gas going into the carburetor and it is clean. I have a new Weber that I could swap but I was trying to avoid doing this. My mechanic isn't confident that it will solve the problem. My zuk pretty much completely stock and doesn't have any real symptoms with the issue. It doesn't correlate with the amount of gas I have, I don't overheat, and weather does not seem to have an effect. Also the problem will occur for short intervals random often after a long drive initially triggers it. If I park the vehicle for a few hours after the problem occurs it goes away.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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