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I have a 2009 sx4 with sunroof (factory I believe)
Has anyone ever seen a wiring diagram, parts diagram, anything?
I have looked for days. I have the repair manual not a thing about sunroof.
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Mike :)

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2009 sx4 Some more info

I found a model on sunroof frame and it turned out to belong to ASI/ASC/INALFA same company Mine is asi 750 signature
This is how I accessed the SCU/motor
1 - removed floor panel 4 puss clips pull out with clip removal tool
2 - removed back panel where lid latch is
3 - removed driver side back seat door kick panel
4 - removed driver side bottom rear panel (I broke a few of these clips)
5 - removed driver side top rear panel
6 - removed both back seat grab handles in roof
7 - removed 3 push clips in ceiling close to the back
8 - loosened passenger side rear top panel just at the top ( this let me slide headliner out) then let it hang

Now you have access to module/motor
My roof just opened itself and stayed stuck open
My module was defective, I never use the sunroof so I disconnected the motor from the module and connected 2 wires to motor connector and ran them over to the service panel for shocks that way I don't have to take the headliner down again, just apply 12v to wires to move it, reverse leads to go other way.

Just remember you will not have any of the protection that the module offers example will not reverse if something is in the way, or overload protection. I'm not sure what the motor has. Here are a few pictures

Link more documents signature Index of /downloads
check: asi service manual.pdf

Mike :)


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