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Over the past few months i have been looking at getting a sub, i bought everything used except for the output converter which was almost the most expensive part. Note: All prices are Canadian
It started with a 300w Kenwood band pass enclosure with sub (ksc bp-110) for $60. I bought a pioneer 300w amp with all the wiring for $50. Seeing i had all this i just what the heck and bought the output converter for $50 new.
I started by taking off the carpet to frame trim on the front driver side, front passenger side, cover over seat belt, and the trim for the carpet on the rear passenger side. I ran the RCA, remote wire, and the power wire from the trunk, tucked under the rear seats, and under where all this trim goes all the way to the center console. This is where the power wire kept going across to the driver side, up under the dash, and out through the fire wall, out through the fender, and on to battery. Just behind the fuse box is where there is a bunch of wires and i followed that to the battery.
I wanted to keep the stock deck so i spliced all the speaker wires with the proper clips, ran from the clips to the output converter. RCA wires hook into the converter, and run to the amp. I just tucked the converter up under the center console out of sight. The remote wire i hooked into the yellow wire on the connector to the stock deck. This wire looses power when the key is removed, therefore turning off the amp.
As for the ground, i used the chassis bolt that is right under the spare tire cover. This works perfect and is close by.
No one can see anywire in my car except right to the amp, which i screwed onto the sub box, making it removable by removing the ground, power, and remote wire.
That is basically how easy it is to run the wire incase you are nervous about the task. This was my first time and it works flawlessly. 300w was perfect for me, all i wanted was something to take the bass away from the door speakers which eventually would start to rattle.
Have any questions just ask.
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