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Strongest Clutch in
Autoparts Store Brand?

I had a Valeo brand Clutch installed.
6 Beefy looking Springs.
Looked Strong.
From Oreileys or Napa

10K miles later
2 or the 3 Rivets Failed
that hold the Center sections together.
Worn thru.
Third rivet about to fail.

I am so easy on a Clutch,
that the brand Valeo Paint Stamp
was Readable on both sides of the Disc material.

last Clutch from PO only had 4 Springs.

So What is the most Reliable brand of Clutch?

What are the Turbos using?


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I have had good luck with a Petroworks High Performance clutch and have read alot of good things about them online.

Here is a link but I would give them a call :

I have installed a few of these and they are still working perfectly in all three vehicles. The longest running has been in my trail rig (major rockcrawling abuse) and it has never shown signs of wearing out.

*edit* "installed a few of these" means I have installed them in 3 vehicles and have not had to replace them since.

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I went with the PW clutch and Im very happy with it and I have never heard or read anything bad about it.Its not really that much more than the one at oriellys....
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