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Hi folks,

I picked up a used 2003 Alto the other day, having previously owned one before and loving it.

However, one of the minor issues (so I thought) that it came with was that the stereo wouldn't turn on. Now it's worth pointing out that this is a JVC stereo and not the stock one that the car would have originally come with. I've checked the fuse in the stereo itself and the one under the dashboard and both appear to be fine. When looking at the harness for the new radio I noticed that one of the wires had been put in the wrong section and therefore wasn't connecting to the orange/white wire. Also, this wire was blue. Now bear with me as my knowledge goes only as far as the things I have found on Google haha but would I be right in thinking that this harness is wrong and that is why the stereo won't turn on? If so, this is just as simple as getting a new harness with the correct connections right?

Any ideas you guys may have as to what the issue might be would be gratefully appreciated!

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