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Return trip slow go brake grabbing. Should have pulled over and called AAA. Trip home 6 miles slow grabbing. Stayed 40 mph and under. Got home 30 minutes. Put hand down on wheel very hot other wheels not hot.
6 months ago/2000 miles ago inspection (tried new mechanic) told need new rotors in front because they have excessive rust at edges? New pads of course even though plenty of pad. ($240.00)
Let car sit for 3 days while I looked at some You Tube videos about calipers/break hoses/bleeding air. Of course very few videos of anyone working on a Suzuki.
1st. time I had to look at brake issue for years other car too many years to remember. You Tube sometimes gives me feeling I can maybe do something myself.
I had a real tough time breaking the lug nuts loose (heat probably seized them) with WD 40 and 3 foot pipe assist finally got them loose jacked up front end.
Looked things over and rotor moved with a lot of hand force. I broke free the guide pins but they are not coming out freely of course heat heat heat. I haven't tried to pull out guide pins yet.
I looked for a wrench to take caliper mounting bracket bolts off and I needed a 18mm but I couldn't find one! I had a 19mm! I want to push in the pistons with a C clamp. The little I see on You Tube gives me that diagnosis. I need much more video!
The master cylinder reservoir is full and the brake pads look like plenty of pad left from looking above caliper opening. The Driver Information Center gave me no warning not any messages or display after brakes started to grab without touching the brake pedal. I am looking for free advise before I go any further. Just saw video about changing wheel bearings! They are probably dry now and on the edge of failing too? Who knows what else the heat cooked.
When I first opened the hood after short 12 mile round 2 hours in between return trip at 40mph and less the heat coming from the engine (no smoke or smells) compartment was hot. I checked oil ok, power steering fluid ok. No dipstick for transmission as you know.
Where is this senario taking me $$$$. This 2008 Suzuki Xl7 base model I bought almost 6 years ago when it was 6 years old and has 64,000 miles on it for $11,000.00 from Enterprise Used Cars not a rental but original owner trade in.
I have had some abs sensors/wheel speed sensors issues 2017/7000 miles ago soft brake pedal "came up" (1 month/500 miles after they inspected it) I was told and by the veteran service manager of the Suzuki dealership in our area ( which bought all the Suzuki's in the US it could get it's hands on when Suzuki announced it was pulling out of the US) he said after I asked him if the mechanic that he put on diagnosis of soft pedal with intermittent vibration from brake pedal had Suzuki experience? He said any of his mechanics can handle it? This was 2017. I doubt that the mechanic had ever sat in a Suzuki vehicle? Well a few days later in the training of that mechanic on my Suzuki and finally getting a Suzuki factory trained mechanic (rare breed) on the case and $$$ later. Service report said "Check ABS faults found there was no faults stored check all data found when driving wheel speed sensors were all reading different at time and ABS pump motor would run when pressing brake remove all wheels found sensors were frozen in hubs remove all sensors inspect all gone rings all were in good condition. Install all four wheel speed sensors test drive all data within spects." $1065.22
Another shop O2 sensors issue 2017/300 miles after other shop did wheel speed sensors?
I am I low mileage, low speed, defense driver. I hate driving.
Will a cheap scan tool $100.00 help me before I have anything done now to get some perspective on code "violations"! With this current brake issue can a code reader/diagnostic tool tell me anything even though there are no warning lights or messages have come up? Scotty Kilmer says a cheap scan tool will be useful when warning lights messages come on in general and he wasn't talking about brake problems specifically! Get ahead of things on codes before taking to shop.
Thanks anyone who can give a comment most appreciated.

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First. a cheap scan tool will only deliver on P codes and maybe C codes.. ABS and transmission codes require a more expensive scanner..

Your brake issue is caused by a poor maintenance/install issue.

The sliders are just that, they must slide in/out with no effort. The pistons should also move in/out with just a small amount of pressure.. Failing to remove all rust from the caliper brackets when installing the pads will create the issues you describe..

The ECU does not monitor the brake system pressure, the ABS system monitors wheel speed, all should rotate at the same speed..

Suzuki brakes are not special and any mechanic that can add milk and sugar to his tea should be able to manage..
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