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Hey guys! Check this Tango car on this email address and tell me what you think. :)

Check their website:
4 page brochure PDF.
specification dito:

Here are excerpts from the brochure:
Beat Traffic
The Tango's ability to get through traffic is second to none. Like a motorcycle, it can change lanes to gain advantage in traffic betterthan any car in history. Unlike a motorcycle, it is safe, dry, climate controlled, and carry a reasonable amount of cargo.

The Tango's race car style roll cage design, its 4 point harness, its low center of gravity, and a weight comparable to a midsize sedan combine to make the Tango extremely safe. Side protection is more than 4 times that of a typical SUV. 4 -point pilot seat belts with inertia reels are similar to a race car harness but easy to get into.

With 2,000 lbs (mostly batteries) under the floor, the Tango's static rollover threshold is equivalent to a 5 star NHTSA rating placing it in the company with the lowest slung sports cars.

Accelaration and top speed:
With over 1,000lbs of torque, the Tango can accelerate from zero to over 130 mph in one gear. (that's 208 kms!) Without needing an energy-robbing transmission or differential, it accelerates from zero to 60 mph (96kms) in about 4 seconds and finished the standing 1/4 mile in about 12 seconds at over 100 mph (160kms).

Tango can be built with a fuel cell or internal combustion engine, conventional lead-acid batteries work well for most commuters. Its 80-mile range is nearly 4 times the distance the average commuter travels per day. With high-tech batteries, range could exceed 150 miles per charge.

It was not designed to replace the family car--it was designed to add a transportation option that gives speed and convenience.

Sa states because 110 volt outlet sila you can charged it overnight but with a 200-amp off-board charger, the Tango can be charged to 80% in about 10 minutes. And it does not use oil and zero emission pag all-electric car sya!

I think sa US they are trying to introduce this to cut their dependent on oil. Even George Clooney drives one but sad to say mahal sya kasi bago palang sa market at 20K in $. Sana magmura sya in the long run.

Click on the picture below. :thumbsup:

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Can anything get smaller that this??? :grin: nice toy.

1 seater lang to no? sana may solar powered para mas ok. :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing - pa test drive pag meron ka na. :57:
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