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Hey im new on this forum so im goin straight to the point. Now with a engine swap (found a aerio sx 05 engine for 350 ebay) and other modifications do u think could be worth the invest. im trying to sound ricey or new to cars here. just trying to decide on either or not to get the reno but its a really nice lookin car for that price and the warranty and what im seen photos of renos fixed up. i dont wanna come out 13,14,15k out of my pocket on a car that u cant do nothing to(thats with anybody)

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The Aerio and Reno are from two different manufacutrers so the swap would be pretty hard.

The Reno is a Daewoo Lacetti..... and before you say "oh no are you serious" let me just tell you that the Daewoo Lacetti is not really a Daewoo Car.

All of the Daewoos are based upon Opel/Vauxhall/Holden designs.

In fact.... the Suzuki Reno is based on the Opel Astra G platform.

Needless to say aftermarket parts are plenty..... it's just a matter of companies like getting those parts over to North America.

Basicly it's an Opel assembled in Korea with a body designed by a European syle house.

The engine and transmission have been around since the mid to early eighties.

The good news is that Daewoo's are very reliable if you take care of them ( Change your timing belt early.... 45,000 miles )

In Poland Daewoo cars make up most of the fleet of Taxi cabs.... the engines run forever.

The 2.0L engine in the reno has shown up here in north america in a pile of cars dating all the way back to 1987.

Prior to 87 they used the 1.8L which is available in the Lacetti in Europe.

Some of the older cars that had the 2.0L engines..... Pontaic Lemans, Pontiac Optima, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac Grand Am, Opel Astra, Opel Calibra, Opel Vectra.... the list goes on.

Most of the 2.0L engines showed up in a low horsepower 8V setup.... some with TBI and some with MPFI.

The C20XE is basicly identical to the Reno engine.... it's main difference is in the compression ratio (C20XE has higher compression)

This engine makes 150hp right out of the factory.

The 16V turbo ( C20LET ) makes over 200hp from the factory and they are easy to tune to over 300hp with stock parts.

So yes...... the Reno is not a real Suzuki..... but I think you will find that the Opel powertrain is solid and very easy to modify.

The only problem is that very few people in North America know anything about Opel vehicles.

Tom.... the owner of 360 Dynamics is originally from Europe.... and he drives an Astra MKII GSi Turbo ( 91 Pontiac Lemans with parts from Europe)

His GsiTurbo uses the 8V Turbo ( C20GET ) found in the older 87-91 Sunbird GT turbo and Grand Am SE Turbo.

He runs nearly 200hp at the wheels and close to 250lb ft of torque.

I'm getting off topic but I figured I'd spend this time to spread the word that the Reno is an Opel based car.... Daewoo just assembled it.
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