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So im looking at getting a SPOA kit for my 87 and found the one from RRO that has everything from brake lines, spacers, steering components etc. but saw alot of reviews about the company themselves. What other places have a bolt on SPOA kit for the Samurai since i have no access to a welder and no shops near me that can do it. Or would it be better off to grab the YJ kit from Dr Z Fab and use it for the mean time until i can get stationed somewhere better then go to a SPOA? Im currently just rocking a LROR shackle lift which has done wonders for the look and offroading i can do near me.

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Some information concerning SPOA installs. While many car makers use this system on their factory off road Trucks/SUV vehicles-it is purpose built for that application from the factory. When you go aftermarket, things change. There are several aftermarket kits out there, but come with some issues. A bolt on SPOA being one of these. To do a SPOA properly it should be welded as instructed. Some claim their SPOA kits do not need to be welded-that is not a good claim as stress on that SPOA will fail at some point as by most quality aftermarket builders will tell you. Without a welder you should stay away from aftermarket SPOA systems regardless of claims.
Prior to me doing a SPOA (welded) my second one was done much more simple.
Kits for this are a little higher but give a quality ride without fear of braking and causing road failure.
I bought leaf springs that have a 3 inch lift in the leaf springs and mount under axles as factory-no welding required. You will require new shackles-bushings-driveline extenders, maybe brake lines depending on your application along with a different steering set-up- drop pitman or OTT steering. If wanted you can reverse rear springs to front for level ride along with better flex in them system. Known as RTF conversion. Now, these leaf springs can be had in several lifts from factory original to-1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3 inch. This set up allows you not only lift options, but the option of returning it back to factory spec should you decide to. Get shocks to match the system-bump stops too.
Cost will be somewhat higher but peace of mind and safety are priceless-plus durability.
I`m sure others will beat on me for this idea or something I missed.
Good luck.
I used Low Range Offroad 3 inch lift leaf springs doing my last build and could not be happier. Plus you can easily add another inch using a different shackle set up.
I`m sure I`ve missed something and no doubt will be told so----lol
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