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Hi All

GV 2010 (F9Q) 5 door.

I'm extremely frustrated with spare parts in Australia.

1) Just to be able to get a spare key would cost me $480 :mad:. Eventually a friend got me one $50

2) Secondly had a harmonic balancer take out my timing belt (nearly complete cut belt). Replacement genuine was 30% of the $ of the car :mad:. Plus 1 months delivery :confused:. Had to get aftermarket part 5% of car or get stranded away from home (hotel lost time and send kids home ALONE by train).

3) Issues with oil distribution > Oil seperator > PCV > EGR > Turbo > Seals now turbo needs replacement.

4) Turbo from Suzuki spare parts $11000 :mad:. More than 60% of cars value. Got price direct from Honeywell Garret $2000 :) but $2000 to replace :mad:. With the complete list of cascade affects from PCV ($65 reasonable) add another $ks to clean or replace oil distribution system.

So asked Suzuki re PCV price :) but 4 weeks to get into Australia is insane :mad:. Not a single PCV in the whole country.

How many other models are ignored?
I was looking at a swift for my daughter not now :(
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