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Hi people I just recently bought a suzuki swift 2007 1.5. Cracking little run about and I'm really happy for it. Only problem is 2 weeks after i bought it (on credit) the engine light came on!!
I took it back to the garage i bought it from and they said it was a knock sensor error.
I then asked them what to do and they refered me to a garage, that told me they didnt have the part it needed but that they would order it in, and switch the light of until it came back on and the part was ordered.
Its been a couple of weeks now and i phoned them today (the engine light is not back on) BUT they said they cannot do anything until it IS!
Is this even true????
The car is runnning fine and he says its just a sensor. But hes not even ordered the part yet, and iv just payed 4Grand for a car with an engine light. NOT FAIR! Any suggestions on what i should do guys?
-- Thanks.:p
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