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Some movement at the passenger side's cv axle

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I jack up the front and grab the cv axle and see some movement here! Is it something wrong or normal?? 96 sidekick sport 1.8.


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Depends on how much axial movement. The CV stub is held in the side diff gear by a spring ring, by design there is some mm's play there. if it's a lot, then sounds like spring ring failed.
driver side spline shaft is held tight by the bearing at the end of the diff. , so no movement

the short side has no bearing. only held by the fit in the side gear splines. known weak point, in my steel diff swap i am adding the suzuki upgrade

this how it looks inside side gear is 21.50, spline length till ring is 24.3 so id say it has about 5mm play (the edge inside the gear is beveled so gives some extra axial play)

more than that means that the ring snapped....
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