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Hello everybody.

I really like this forum because it has helped me a lot. But now, i got a little problem... well, some little probles that I cant fix jet in my Reno 05.

1.- Fuel gauge. I removed the back sit to see the wiring but what i found was 2 wires disconected, both purple/black line coming from the pump and another connector with 3 wires only. Well, the other side (from ECU i guess) was 2 wires both black/gray line. So, i connected them one purple with one black but nothing happen. The guy who I bought the car told me that he changed the fuse box complete but he said that he got it from another Reno 05, but when he didnt know why some wires was with diferent colors so he decided to no connect them.

2. A/C compressor. I take the messurement from fuse box and it is 11.8-12 v when engine off and 13-14v when on but when I put the relay it goes to 0-2 v I connect it direct and it works well (but not cold :s).

In my country my car is ilegal, I really dont care about it because i really love this car, so, i cant get spare parts easy thas why im tryin to fix it by my self but I crash with a wall with this electrical issues.

Can somebody help me please or share me the correct wiring diagram for my car.

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

PD. Sorry for my english thats no my natural lenguage
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