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Hi I just brought a Suzuki Sierra softtop 94 model. The soft top has never been off. I have heard that they can be difficult to get back on. Just hoping someone has any tips.

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Only try to put it on in very warm to hot weather.
Direct sunlight will soften the naugahide (plastic
Be careful about bending the plastic windows,
old ones will shatter very easily.
Just follow the hand book in the glovebox;
My way:
soften in the sun on the lawn or other soft landing.
Put over the bows and do up the front snaps
after setting the front (leading edge) flat surface
into the grove.
at the targa (faux roll bar)
place the side round edge into the grove(slide from
top to bottom making sure the rope is even in the
at rear window
fasten the rearward most snap on either side of
the tailgate, working towards the targa post.
Attach the tensioners on either side of the rear
window and zip the rear window in and do up the
snaps on the bottom of the window (be sure to
do up the one behind the spare tire so that
water will not leave the roof and fall inside.
over the doors
cinch the top of the door flaps last while the
top settles into it's natural grove.
retighten the rear tentioners after the top has
sat on the Sami in the sun and begins to feel
warm to the touch.
Hope this helps.
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