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Hi all. Just joined up as I await delivery of my new 2013 Jimny. A couple of quick questions if anyone has an answer!

1. What is the maximum slant angle the Jimny can tolerate? (The side angle before it tips over..)

2. What is the maximum incline it can climb assuming 100% traction? Mine will be an automatic.

3. Does anyone know of a good iclinometer for dashboard mounting? Hopefully that is user-settable for these ratings! Yes, I have an android phone which has such an app, but I want a proper gauge on the dash.

I see that:

Approach angle is 34 degrees.
Ramp Breakover (centre) angle is 31 degrees.
Departure angle is 46 degrees. (Which is sorta pointless since the approach is only 34..)

These figures given by Suzuki Global on what seems to be the 2012 model.

No mention of side values or climb slopes (incline angles)

OK - a bit about me/my Jimny. Just ordered it under the special that Suzuki Australia are having. AUD$20,990 with $500 worth of factory extras (I ordered roof racks and floor mats), extended warranty to 5 years from 3 (awesome..) and a $1,000 voucher from Suzuki Australia to waste at ARB.

I don't care about the ARB voucher because from what I can see their stuff is way over the top price wise even for simple things! ..still, perhaps an inclinometer (except they don't sell them.. in a 4WD specific outlet!) and even if I only get $300 worth for $1,000 it's still better than nothing.

It's White, Auto, bog standard otherwise. First one I have ever bought /owned. We also have a Hyundai Santa fe "Elite" 2013 family vehicle which is an SUV and quite capable off-road, but not something I would bush-bash in like I will be with the Jimny.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows these things.

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Welcome - you might get more informative answers from the guys over at the AusZooker forum, I suspect they're more into bush bashing than the folks here.

$1000 worth of ARB gear is $1000 worth of good stuff - even if it is over priced - it's better quality than a lot of other brands out there, and it's already paid for - put it to use, go get yourself a compressor and some recovery gear.
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