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I have put a 1.3 sj engine into my sj413 and i having issues with aligning the distributor to the camshaft. Been my first major mechanical adventure and been learning how an engine works as i go.

I took the distributor out because there not enough movement in the pivot to getting the timing dead on, i refitted it as per the manual and by doing that the points of signal rotor would not align to the metal plate on the generator.

I've tried to get this straight in my head and not had much luck, but here is what i worked out

1. Rotate camshaft so the marking aligns in the timing check window (this could one of two positions, where should the piston be in chamber 1?)

2. Remove distributor and rotate arm so it is aligned with the top cap catch (Am i wrong thinking that if the piston is a top, then the arm should align to no1 connector on the cap?)

3. Use the pivot on the distributor align so one of the points on the signal rotor is aliigned to the metal plate.

Can anyone explain in a step by step way how this is meant to work, with the logic of what happens when you start the engine. I'm assuming that with the piston at the top, then the no1 terminal is meant to connect and then sends the spark, causing the combustion to push the piston down?

Help!!! Getting very tired of being cold and damp under my bonnet.

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