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Has anybody looked at replacing a Jimny gearbox with a modified Vitara gearbox and transfer box (ie front drive shaft removed) and connecting it to the original Jimny transfer box?

In theory with the Vitara transfer in low it will give an additional reduction of 1.816 : 1
Vitara Hi / Jimny Hi 1.320 (Std)
Vitara Hi / Jimny Low 2.145 (Std)
Vitara Low / Jimny Hi 2.397 (11.75% lower than Jimny Low)
Vitara Low / Jimny Low 3.895 (81.6% lower than Jimny Low)

Alternatively, has anybody transplanted a Samurai / SJ413 transfer box into a Jimny and what issues did you have with the speedo / mounts etc?

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