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Hi folks,

Before I start I should first say that I'm looking to buy my first car - with a budget of $10,000 (I plan on buying a vehicle for $5000-$8,000 then using the rest to do the appropriate mods... I'll be able to go slightly over budget if necessary, but would prefer not to)

I've been hearing a lot of good feedback for the Sierra in regards to 4wding - after doing a bit of looking around and watching some rather amazing videos of them in action I decided I'd ask a few questions here before looking any further...

How much work (cost and manhours) would I need to put in to get a stock Sierra ready for mid level 4wding?

I've been told if I got a two inch lift and some good off road tyres I'll be set in the right direction - as I don't know too much about cars, how much would these usually cost for a Sierra? If location has anything to do with it, I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm also 6"8 tall and have long legs - would I actually be able to fit into, and drive a Sierra comfortably? If not, is it possible to modify the drivers seat on rails so I can slide it back further?

What model would be best for my needs as I've described if any?

Also - I'm sure it's pretty standard as to what to look for when buying a used car but just to clarify, are there any specific faults I should look for when buying a Sierra?

Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated and sorry for the wall of text! :)
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