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Im new here but have been checking out the forum for a while.

A few days back some halfwits tried to steal my sierra but failed and i found it abandoned on the other side of my street one house down, not sure if the standard steering lock saved me or they just failed to get it started via hot wire. :mad:

Anyway I twisted a couple of the wires they cut back together and got it started but it wont idle, i had to turn the screw on the carburreta a few times to make it sort of idle but it just revs up and down and then dies.
It drives ok under acceleration but off the throttle it just bunny hops and is a real bitch to drive.
Also there is another wire hanging and cant find where it goes, interior light does not work anymore too.

If anyone has any ideas or can point me to the correct wiring diagram that would be much appreciated. sj70 1.3, soft top, non efi 1995, Australian model.
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