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Are there any Australian Suzi Sierra specialists to be found? Any in my local Brisbane?

I'm wanting to get my block (maybe the whole engine) sorted for reconditioning and a 1.3 or 1.6 16v EFI suzi engine conversion (G13B or K my pref at this stage) of my 1990 carby 1.3 if I can find one before my current motor gives in... i'm guessing in the next 30,000k's.

I've found now i've had a taste of efi performance, economy and reliability, it's hard to go back to carb setups. And a swift gti motor into the sierra would perform on par with any other conversion option there is -having owned a 1990 swift gti in the past, I know that motor is something else! Strong, powerful, and light.

I've found a good Suzuki wreckers and spares in Melbourne, now looking for a reputable Zook mechanic in northside Brisbane to oversee the install. Yellow pages isn't turning up much, nor the www, so i'll hit the forums.

Any suggestions in terms of a reconditioner or mechanic in my area would be much appreciated.
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