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Hey guys, I have recently acquired a 1995 SIERRA (jb31w) with the g13b engine EFI (automatic).

i love it! its so much fun. everything works including a/c. :p

however, the muffler system is rusted out and i need to replace. do anyone have a part number for the manifold gasket?

i would like to source it before i remove the exhaust system.

i was thinking 2" piping, replace Cat. with a resonator and a silencer at the back. i am not relly interested in headers.

also the idle is rough, i used fuel treatment but its still sputtering slightly. any ideas? i already changed the spark plugs.

i would appreciate if anyone can furnish me with part numbers ( and corresponding aftermarket brand - if applicable) for :

exhaust manifold gasket
fuel filter
oil filter
air filter
engine mounts (one of mine is busted)
diff amd driveshaft/transfer case mounts ( i am gettin a slight backlash)
engine camshaft cover gasket
wheel bearings
driveshaft cross(es)

i do not need to change all of these now but i would like to source n have on standby... thanks guys!

BTW i'm from Trinidad West Indies :cool:
and the SIERRA is a JDM (import from japan)
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