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Hey all am new to this site :)
alright i have owned my sierra (1985) since start of this year and am lovin it to bits, not an off roader just a cheap daily (cant complain when doin around 7.5k/l) but the old girl has seen better days and is no show pony lol. But alas the misses has given permission for an engine rebuild/conversion so i am in need of info and help.

I have heard either the g13b (GTI engine) or the g16 (vitara engine) is easiest and best ways to go, i would prefer to go fuel injected but am unsure as whats needed for this and how hard it would be, car is gonna remain a daily and is doing lots of higher speed driving (live in canberra, drive to work and back of around 35kms each way most of which is 90/100kmh) have been advised the gti engine would be better for this. please need input on all of this and what i need to do next.

I have sorced an old mk1 gti wreck for a reasonable amount but would need to do a rebuild on that engine (meh) but was wondering what else i would need (is wrecked cause of rear axle badness not mechanical)

Cheers, Mikey
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