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As per the title. 1994 Sierra - been my daily drive for over 5 years with no issues. Yesterday died at the lights. Fire went out but everything else still worked. Tracked it to a blown Ign fuse. Replaced it and went off again.

On the way home (exactly the same spot) it blew again. and again. and again.

Four fuses and 700 metres later I got to a Super-Cheap and bought more fuses.

Got home, cleaned up the wiring (water and oil spattered) and swapped the 15 amp for a 25 amp.

Since then no problem.

Any ideas (apart from a short which I spent all last night looking for) as to the possible culprit?

My thinking is that if it blew a 15 but not a 25 then it's probably not a short. Coil perhaps?


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