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I'm probably mad and I already know that, but since you guys have modded SX4's before, it's worth asking you guys first.

I've had my SZ-L for 4 months now, ok it's my first car (although I'm 26 and well paid so not too bothered about insurance going up), but I can't help but want a bit more out of it.

I had thought of Remapping it, but seeing as it's a petrol it seems to be hard to actually get any kind of true figures for what I'd get afterwards. Doing the ECU would be Two fold for me, one to increase the economy slightly at the lower end of the rev range, but also a bit more horsepower.

I have also seen Ulter sports mufflers on ebay and they seem to make direct fit ones so IDK if to or not. I know it probably wouldn't add much power but at least my exhaust wouldn't sound wimpy and strained. (let's be honest, it sounds naff)

any thoughts would be welcomed, even if to cure my slight madness!

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