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We have this service start system indicator popping up in the display, when vehicle is at stand still, with the motor on idle.
This is only from time to time, and there is no problem with any other function for the car.
We have changed batteries in both keys, but the problem persist.
Strange fault .
Anyone which have a solution to this problem ?

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services start system

i have this signal on dash
but could not start at all
no crank, weak and dim (door-opened) light at center above
no light if turn light beam on
alarm no function
dash board light flickering.
then sudden all off and light came back slowly but weak...
what is the problem

i encounter this when i start the car then sudden all turn off..
my battery die ?

i try jump start with a small donor car engine running..
couldn't help at all....

anybody, if help me..:confused::confused::confused:
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