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I am wondering about some issues I am experiencing with my 2010 Kizashi SLS. Bought in in February after my Monte Carlo was stolen, fell in love with it half way through the test drive. Has roughly 76K on it.

The main one is about the Service Engine Light that came on yesterday afternoon--haven't noticed any performance issues that are noteworthy. With the message, the little engine thing displays--which the manual says is emissions. Took the car to Auto Zone to have codes read, came back with "P0456 Replace Evaporator Emissions (EVAP) Purge Control Valve."

I know there are 3 recalls on the car and from what I can tell they may not have been preformed. Does anyone have experience with this issue and could it be tied to the recall campaign "14V464000?" When the light came on the car had been cold--I was at a park and then walked over to the grocery store before heading home. I have put maybe 15 miles on it since the light came on. How serious is this? Any ideas on how costly? (Going to take in tomorrow to the former Suberu-Pegot-Suzuki dealer a couple miles from my house.)

Other questions I have--is anyone else experiencing issues with the speaker snot all functioning? Sometimes it seems sound only comes from the speaker in the dash, occasionally from the back, and not so much on the doors. (I have been through all the settings to see if it had been mis-adjusted, but all seems ok.)

And, is it normal for the mileage left to empty to be all over the place? For example when I went to Auto Zone this morning, it said 260 but by time 3 minutes later (traveling at 35 mph) at AZ, it was 245. When I got back in the car to return home, it said 250 and in my driveway, 260. It seems to change in increments of 5 and can have a range as much as 60 miles.

Thank you for any advice you can share.
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