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Click image for high-res gallery including new live shots from SEMA by Frank Filipponio

Suzuki's trotting out a new concept for SEMA, and it's based on the new SX4 Sport. Why the SX4 sedan gets the sport moniker over the 5-door will never make sense to us, but we digress. The SXForce is a real driver that's underpinned by a new sport suspension and powered by a 255-horsepower turbo four mated to a 5-speed manual.That's a significant step up from the 143 HP stock unit, which is not at all exciting by comparison. Wild bodywork intended to tie the car into Suzuki's sportbike heritage adorns the SXForce, and while motorcycles don't immediately leap to mind upon seeing it, we won't argue that it's certainly different-looking. In this regard, we don't think the SX4 sedan's notchback look does the concept any favors, as that NASCAR Car of Tomorrow rear end looks somewhat ungainly compared to the profoundly aggressive nose. Orange-trimmed black Enkei wheels fill the cutouts, and an adjustable rear spoiler hangs off the trunklid.

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Gallery: SEMA 2007: Suzuki SXForce
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