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I own a 2007 Suzuki SX4 2 Wheel Right Hand Drive, 1.6 VVT. "Mileage" is approximately 210,000 Km

I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be exact and the dealer for Suzuki does not stock certain parts and have a lead time of 3-4weeks from placement of order. Depending on the part that I am looking for, I may be forced to purchase a whole assembly instead of being allowed to purchase individual parts for replacement or repair.

I need an online or mail order resource that stocks parts for my car and are ready to ship. I have tried and though they are really good, I cant be sure that the parts will fit my car as in the US only the 2.0L model is available. in addition, I once tried to source a particular item from them and they were unable to sell me the part because I was out of their region.

Anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated.

Current Issues:

1) Overheating - I suspect some hoses need replacement as well as the water jacket covers need replacement

2) Oil Leaks - consistent over heating has affected a number of rubber gaskets that needed changing:
a) Tappet Cover Gasket (has been Changed)
b) Oil Control unit gasket was cracked and causing oil to seep out (only discovered this leak after above gasket was changed. The dealer didnt have the gasket and placed order for the part, so I have to wait 3 weeks for the gasket to arrive. In the mean time I made up a gasket using an o ring and silicone, in bolting the unit back, one of the mounting flanges cracked, so now I also need a new oil control unit

3) Front Suspension - Several bushings and boots need to be replaced. The dealer will only sell me a complete cradle assembly, no bushings are sold separately

4) Future mods - Once motor and other things are sorted I want to look at: a) fitting a sporty body kit: front bumper, side-skirting and rear bumper so that I can eliminate the need for the black trims moldings that are easily damaged and expensive to replace
b) Rims and tires
c) Engine tuning etc.

I plan to do the work myself so any help I can get would be welcomed
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