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Hi guys well found another sammy down the street picked up for hardly nothing its a late 88 model was kept in perfect condition, has little rust around rear fenders but other then that a nice samurai. Right now i have an 89 samurai with the complete yj wrangler swap trail tough. After completing that swap and figuring out the weak points and things I should have done different Iam going to build my second samurai. I am going to use the yj lift off of my other samurai and build one nice rig. The biggest problem I have found is that ride isnt as good as I believe it should be. One mistake was running used worn on springs. U currently have 4 leaf up front 5 in rear. For this new build Im buying new springs!!!! What are yalls opinons on the springs I should Purchase. I am currently running 31's but looking to go to 33's. The kit said I should have no problem fitting 33's but with the spring worn out couldnt tuck that big of a tire.
So I need few opinions on thing I have the body off and frame stripped ready to be painted.

1) Takes on replacement poly mounts/ Rubber Which is better?
2) What brand leaf springs, stock yj's or lifted, fiberglass springs, How many leafs, thoughts on getting custom leafs made from local spring shop, Jus want a ride that doesnt jar my teeth out over small bumps on open road like the one i drive now.. Put it this way no one wants to ride when we go wheeling lol.

Any input would be great

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