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About 6 months ago I purchased a 86 tin top samurai. It has a vw 1.6 ecodiesel with an acme conversion, 4.30 gearing with enlarged rear third member, 31's, 3"shackle lift, and 2.5"OME spring lift. It has been super fun so far, and hasn't given me any big trouble. That said I've taken it completely apart this summer to fix rust, poorly done modifications, and a melody of horrible paint work.

One problem I've come across is some alignment issues with the transmission and transfer case. When using the transmission shifter, it would contact the body when all the way to the right (5th and reverse). Then when using the transfer case shifter, it would contact the body when put into low range. I've attached some photos of the shifter cutouts on the body, and you can clearly see where the body has been bent by someone to let the shifters even get into these gears.

Additionally, the transfer case is tilted back at maybe 5 degrees from vertical, is this normal? There is some kind of aftermarket transfer case mount on there, consisting of a boxed section on the long side, and a reinforced OEM mount on the short side mount.

Seems as though the whole engine/transmission/transfer case assembly is pushed to the right and forward. The frame looks straight, and all the diagonal measurements checkout. Body has no lift, and seems straight as well, though I haven't found measurements for it to measure. Is it possible that my ACME engine mounts are bent, or the rubber engine mounts are the wrong size, or even that there's enough play in the mounts that I can align everything correctly when reinstalling?

Thanks in advance, hopefully someone some insight for me.
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