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hello from overseas ;)

im from germany and need some help with my carburetor. hopefully my english is good enough :D

i got an old samurai and try to fix it.
i replaced a lot: timing belt, all ignition parts, filters, hoses, v belt, water pump and so on.
set to correct valve lash and checked the compression.

the engine runs very smoth and quiet but goes off when i hit the brake at each traffic light. annoying fault

so i overhaul the carburetor. bought a spare part set with new nosles and gaskets and cleand the hole carburetor.

now i need something like "standart setting"

some examples (Cold condition) :

how many turns?

2,5 turns? less or more? 5 turns?

stupid wax system. same position?


7,7mm between screw herad and plate (spring distance)

0,1mm between screw tip and fence/stop

wax piston: A=6,65mm / B=4,7mm

the mixture screw turns and idle screw turns are important. the other things arent important now.

hopefully somebody can help me with this crazy carburetor

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The mixture screw of any carb should be dialed in based upon your elevation and a vacuum gauge. It can only be dialed in so much depending on what jetting you have and what your spark plugs look like after a "throttle chop." If you are getting a nice tan color on your plugs, you're all set. Trying turning the mixture screw to achieve the highest vacuum possible, then set your base timing to around 10-12d BTC, then adjust your idle to around 850rpm. This is the process I use for all my carb'd cars.
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