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I am new to this forum so go easy. I tried looking all over the internet for an answer to this problem and have not found anything yet. Desert season is right around the corner and Im trying to get my 87 Samurai ready. Ive had the Samurai for about a yr (has 90k original miles), the problem just started a couple months ago, since then Ive stopped driving it. Im hoping there is a simple or cheap solution to this problem. Thanks for the help!

-Shudders at higher RPM's when getting up to speed. (mainly 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear).
-Since this has started the Samurai seems to have a lot less power than it used to have. It really loses power when the shuddering starts.

-No noise from the engine at all (no knocking, ping, grinding, etc)
- Car revs up fine when in neutral (the shuddering is only when accelerating in gear at higher rpms)

Recent Repairs:
-Oil change
-Fuel Filter
-spark plugs and wires
-Distributor Cap
-air filter
-O2 sensor

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This "shudder"... does it seem to be involving the whole Samurai? ... front to back?

Need more of a description or play by play.... as a shudder could be anything from a driveline u-joint to tires/wheels with no balancing weights.

... I too am in San Diego. And just went out to Superstition on Friday. I'm in Clairemont and could help ya out if you want to bring it by for a drive around the block.
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