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I write for S-Life magazine, Suzuki's brand-new owner publication. We're interested in profiling Suzuki owners who, in the words of Gene Brown, Suzuki Vice President, are "free-spirited individuals who are living fascinating lives and achieving extraordinary things" and exemplify Suzuki's "Travel Light, Live Fully" spirit. "It's all about living with a sense of wonder and discovery without being slowed down by concerns about image and status. It's about being practical but adventurous, efficient but exuberant."

If you feel you meet those criteria, drive a reasonably recent-model Suzuki-badged vehicle or motorcyle (sorry, no Geos, Chevys, or Dawoos) that's available in North America, have an exceptional story to tell and would be interested in being featured in a profile of the magazine, I'd love to hear from you.

An exceptional story might be, but is by no means limited to:
How my Suzuki saved my life
Only my Suzuki could have made it through
My Suzuki to the rescue
My Suzuki perfectly fits my unusual/adventurous etc. lifestyle
My unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime Suzuki road trip
My Suzuki on the job

So far, we've featured the story of a Grand Vitara that pushed a 33' motor home to safety, a widow that sold her house and is traveling North America in an RV towing a Grand Vitara, and a surfing champ who uses his Grand Vitara to transport him to where the waves are. Obviously, we'd love to feature a wider range of vehicles and subjects, but more GV stories are certainly welcome.

Please p-mail me at the address below (please do not respond to this forum, as I do not monitor it), telling me a little about yourself and your Suzuki, where you live, what you do, and ideally sending me a picture of yourself.

I look forward to hearing your stories. Don't worry too much about your writing or photography style--if you're selected to appear in the magazine, you'll be interviewed and photographed by us. I can't promise you'll be featured in the magazine, but I will respond to everyone who contacts me.


Dan Weeks
[email protected]
for S Life magazine
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