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Hey iROK,
What type of space are you looking for? We've moved the battery to the back of the rally car and went to a smaller size at the same time. In our case, anything goes as far as location, but I'd suggest not doing this unless totally necessary on a stock vehicle. I actually needed the weight advantage (take 50 lbs off the front and add 20 to the rear). But unless you're going for vehicle dynamics improvements (and there isn't much by doing this), or are just flat out of room with a crazy turbo system, I'd spend your time and energy elsewhere.
btw, make sure your batt tie does are as well built as possible. We actually have two restraint systems on ours which helped. During the rollover, one system failed and the backup system kept the battery in place. Imagine a battery floating around during a rollover, someones gonna get hurt.
I attached a pic of the battery which is now located under the rear hatch on the passenger side. Rally on...

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