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Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anyone could explain me how to replace my fuel tank?
Car spec's: Suzuki Samurai '93 1300cc

Are there any hoses or seals that also need to be replaced when doing this?

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards.

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The 93 will have the high pressure pump in the tank, so make sure you get the late model tank if you are ordering a replacement. It's alot easier if you have a friend help, or it could get messy.
Don't start with a full tank, the less gas the easier it will be.
-Support the tank using a floor jack.
-Look up on the passenger side and get to know the hoses involved, loosen, disconnect what you can reach.
-Remove the four bolts that hold the skidplate/tank to the frame.
-Slowly lower the tank and disconnect the final hoses/sensor/pump wires (label as you go)
-Compare the tank to the new one, move over what you need.
-Assemble in reverse.
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