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It failed.
Ok, other than that, here's my explaination quoted from another thread:

The Forenza/Reno were basically sold as a gap-filler to get Suzuki a little bit bigger foothold into the US market. They've served their purpose, so now they're being replaced with actual Suzuki cars.
The Verona was supposed to be the same thing, but there are so many significant problems with them and GMDAT wouldn't bother to provide any fixes, so SMC decided to can it and just not order any more after the 2006 model year. The same car was sold by other GM affiliates elsewhere in the world afterwards, but SMC wasn't interested in footing the whole support for a crappy car...such a shame too...on paper there are so many good things about the car, just didn't work out.
The Reno was dropped once the SX4 hatchback was relased in 2007, the Forenza dropped now that the SX4 sedan is out.
The biggest problem with all the GMDAT cars was build cost. All of their major flaws could have been cured by spending a tiny bit more during production. Too cheap...just a tiny bit too cheap.
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