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Hey guys i just want to know what are common problems with the cappuccino?

I'm contemplating on purchasing one but i would like to know common problems, are parts expensive, how is drive ability (Up hill/under load), how is after market support?

Being a P plater i don't have a large selection of turbo charged vehicles, in fact the cappuccino is one of only two that aren't diesel. The other cars i have on my mind are Toyota Supra Non-Turbo(91+), Mazda MX-5(89-92), Nissan Pulsar(91-98).

I'm more after easy driving, I currently own a 94 Hyundai Excel and going up hills suck ass big time:mad:, I know the Supra will have no problems going up a hill but then there's fuel economy. The Mazda may only be 1.6L although the power/weight ratio may balance that, same can be said for the Pulsar.

I like the Cappuccino for the fact that it's compact, turbo:p, looks beautiful(for something so small)

So guys and Gals with your help hopefully my decision will be easier.

Thanks, Bryan
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