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Hello folks. I've recently acquired a 2011 model Alto (named Celerio locally) with a K10b engine. I'm currently at my wits end trying to figure out what's wrong with the engine. Can I have fellow Alto owners chime in to see if this is normal operation for the car or not?

I've noticed that there is a spot around 2K RPM where the engine is extremely sluggish. In fact, I can put my foot down to the floor in 3rd and the car barely accelerates. Often, I need to drop to 2nd, build some revs, and then shift back to 3rd. Car pulls fine in 3rd as long as it's past 2.1K RPM. I also noticed a low grinding sound whenever I get stuck in that RPM range. Sound goes away when I let off the gas, or when revs increase.

So far, I've removed and cleaned the throttle body, checked the TPS, cleaned the IACV, cleaned the spark plugs, and replaced the air filter. Car sounds better, but that flat spot at 2K is still there.

Things get a lot worse when I turn on the A/C. With Aircon running, it's like I have 4 other people in the car with me. It's fine(ish) with me, but it introduces a different problem. When I have the A/C on, idle changes from time to time in conjunction to the compressor kicking in and out. I found that it has an effect on the vacuum going to the brake booster, making stop and go traffic a bit of an off putting situation. Brakes suddenly grab while crawling whenever the compressor disengages, making the car lurch to a stop.

I like the car so far, but I would love it more if I could resolve these issues.
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