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Hi folks,

we have just bought a 2nd hand Grand Vitara for use whilst posted in the DR Congo, Africa. Tricky and expensive to get genuine spares here - so am planning to stock up when we next go back to the UK. Possibly also arrange a crate for export.

The question is, can anyone recommend a list of spares for the kinds of things that go wrong with this model? There's only 50k on the clock, but this a dusty, bumpy environment!

Any help much appreciated.

Also trying to get a spare smart key!!! Can they be cloned without the vehicle present? Or if not, I have seen a method published on-line for getting the car into programming mode by opening / closing the doors etc. Is this really possible? Or if all else fails - can the immobilser be removed or bypassed? We only have one key - and I always loose keys!

Thanks again :)
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