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I've got a 1.3L Samurai (Sierra) that I plan to rebuild as a straight LPG engine. I've already been running LPG for the last year, but a recent 4000 mile trip around 1/2 of Australia and my tired old motor is just about ready to die.

There's a bunch more guys in the US running gas than here in Australia, so I hope to gain from your knowledge. If anyone on this forum runs propane i'd love to hear from you :)

I'm not after a crazy 100hp engine, I want a motor that Suzuki would have built if it had released an LPG motor - extremely reliable, low maintenance and long living. That said, a hp gain wouldn't be unwelcome... I just don't want to trade off economy and reliability for maximum power.

My plan at this stage is to buy a Low Range Off Road HC master engine rebuild kit, but i'll need to sort out the specifics before I order parts.

Basically I need help with:

(1) matching a cam with a compression ratio (11:1 seems a safe bet for LPG, but wiser men can correct me here if i'm wrong).

(2) tips on how to seat the rings on a dry fuel engine

(3) how best to resolve the unique timing required by LPG, be it a recurve of the dizzy, or an install of an electronic ignition system... i've never tried either approach before.

(4) Will cam 'X' run fine with a standard rebuilt head or will the springs/rockers need tweaking?

If anybody can help me out here or point me in the direction of somebody who can, i'd be most appreciative. A few answers and I can be on my way to a rebuild.
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