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I own a 1993 Maruti 800 (equivalent of the Alto). Its a 1993 model fitted with a 2003 engine.

Around a year ago I started hearing a noise as soon as I drove off from a stop position. I noticed that the more the effort the car had to make, the worse the noise got. However, on 3 rd and 4th gear (when the car was moving easily), the noise stopped.

A few weeks ago I replaced the gearbox. My mechanic however installed the old canisters in which the shafts (that connect the wheels to the gearbox) go into. The noise has not stopped. Could this noise be coming from free play of the shaft inside the canisters? Or could it be that the gearbox I had installed had the same problem as the one before?

Could it also be a problem coming from the CV joints?

Has any one ever encountered this problem before?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I am now running out of ideas...

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